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The Captain
Micco Passaro
type: Capitano 
origin: Napoli, XVII c. 

Micco Passaro, typical bully of neighborhood of Naples in the seventeenth century, he is the protagonist of the heroic poem in Neapolitan language "Micco Passaro 'nnammurato" by Giulio Cesare Cortese, 1621. The character refers to the typical character of the Captain in the Commedia dell'Arte, as much arrogant as much cowardly, great braggart who tells about heroic adventures of unlikely loves, but with a big heart that pushes him, against his will, in defense of the needy. His nose, which is evidently a "phallic" attribute, is the expression of a erotic force not always satisfied. The mask has been specially created for the show:“Micco Passaro war & love”.The Neapolitan trait is imprinted in the two scars on the two profiles: the symbol of the Sun on the right and a scar, similar of a kind of Vesuvius, on the left cheek.
capitan fracassa
Capitan Spavento
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