Il Pretesto Errante
workshop, masks, shows etc. by Valentino Infuso

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how to produce a fake motive in order to cloak the real intention of an action​

theatre workshop in 4 chapters

RESIDENTIAL from 1st to 8th JULY


Friday 30th June, afternoon and Saturday 1st July by 10am:

Saturday 1st July: 11am-8pm:


Sunday 2nd July: 11am-8pm:



Monday 3rd July: 11am-8pm:

ore 9:

Tuesday 4th July:

Wednesday 5th July: 11am-8pm:


Thursday 6th July: 11am-6pm:


Friday 7th July: 11am-6pm:


Saturday 8th July, by 12 pm:


Chapter 1 (the Fact and the Circumstance) – 1 hour lunch break

group Dinner

Chapter 2a (the Physical actions 1) – 1 hour lunch break

group Dinner

Chapter 2b (the Physical actions 2) – 1 hour lunch break

group Dinner

Workshop break

Chapter 3 (the Reasons) – 1 hour lunch break

group Dinner

Chapter 4a (Emotionality 1) – 1 hour lunch break

group Dinner

Chapter 4b (Emotionality 2) – 1 hour lunch break

last Dinner




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This wonderful country villa situated in the country side, nestled in the rolling Tuscan hills, overlooking the lovely Val di Chiana Valley, and presents one of the most picturesque, lively scenes of this region.

Immersed in 40,000 square meters of natural park, which includes an English forest of ancient oak trees, cypresses, olive trees, a vineyard and a rich vegetation. Available for all the participants a  beautiful swimming pool.

The strategic location allows you to be in a green oasis, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, but at the same time, it is possible to reach in very short distances the most fascinating medieval villages rich in tradition and art of Tuscany and Umbria.

In addition to the natural landscape, also the rooms will help to make your experience a positive and memorable one.... the accommodation will be arranged in the elegant equipped apartments with all the amenities

Every little detail is taken care of, in order to provide a warm welcome and an enchanted atmosphere.

The breakfast will be organized in a free and independent way. All the apartments will be provided with cakes, biscuits, yogurt, fruit etc. Also the lunch, will be arranged independently by everyone.

The dinner will be having together so that the convivial atmosphere and the opportunity to sharing with others at the end of the day will complete the experience of the training.

The cuisine will be of the highest quality: a combination of tradition, imagination and innovation, based on the use of high quality products, fresh vegetables of the surrounding gardens, homemade pasta, different kinds dessert, local meats, wine.

It will also provide menus for vegetarian and vegan


Ph. Onoré Lovasz e Renato Arcuri

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