Il Pretesto Errante
workshop, masks, shows etc. by Valentino Infuso

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Valentino Infuso

I can make masks for actors and actresses, for amateurs and enthusiasts, swingers and lovers of bondage, for real or false superheroes, for surfers bank robbers, for soldiers, for chemists, for surgeons, for hypochondriacs cyclists and chronically shy people,  for eccentric musicians, for cover band in disguise, for prudish nudists, for scuba diving, with waterproof  license ... Only for certain people I can't make masks: for those who wear the mask every day and have no intention to take it off.I make leather I please.I use them, I make them free to live, I see them living ...Then I make masks for others, as they want, as they imagine, as they dream ...
About me
me & the mask
a special thanks to Delfo Esposito and Valentina Cidda Maldesi
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