Il Pretesto Errante
workshop, masks, shows etc. by Valentino Infuso

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This theatre workshop is a "pretext"

"Pretext" interpreted as pre-text, meaning what’s there before the text, what the actor has to do before approaching the play.

Physical, vocal and sensory training; the improvisations; the character construction starting from ourselves. Each participant will be led to discover a personal actors' "toolbox", in order to reveal and develop our expressive skills;

"Pretext" as an opportunity and way to do something different: doing theater to listen and to find out a little more about themselves, to enter in relationships with others in not ordinary way and, through the theatrical play, approach a better awareness of our body and emotions;

"Pretext" eventually, as the theme of the workshop: in the literal sense of "a motive alleged in order to cloak the real intention of an action." This aspect of the work will lead us to a real stage writing at the end of the path.


4 chapters in 5 meetings

Chapter I: The Fact and Condition

Chapter II: The physical shares (two meetings)

Chapter III: The Reasons

Chapter IV: The E-Motions


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